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In general, Shared Science Publishers OG’s web site can be accessed without the need to give any personal information. Upon inquiries, however, the inquirer(s) may need to provide personal data. Shared Science Publishers OG attends to the protection of personal information that has been collected in the frame of an inquiry and will handle such information as well as requests and other written exchange with the most efficient care possible. Personal information will be treated as confidential and not be disclosed to third parties without your permission or unless required by law or valid court order.

Shared Science Publishers OG is an online-only publishing house and thus relies on the analysis of its site-use to optimize its web-presence and contributions. For this reason Shared Science Publishers OG automatically collects domain information (e.g. visit numbers, geographical access origin, preferred pages). Please note that some pages on this web site may use cookies, small files placed by the web site on your computer to simplify your identification as a user and facilitate customization. However, you may adjust your web-browser to be notified upon the receipt of cookies and decide whether to accept or deny them. Importantly, cookies cannot collect any data stored on your hard drive or computer.

Shared Science Publishers OG is an independent publisher based in Graz, Austria. It is run entirely by active scientists to address the needs and wishes of the scientific community. Shared Science Publishers adheres to the open-access concept, which allows the unrestricted access to and the reuse of published scientific material by any individual around the world.

For more information on Shared Science Publishers, please click here and feel free to contact us.

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