Inaugural issue of Cell Stress successfully launched!

The first issue of Cell Stress has been launched this October 2017: its content reflects the complexity and importance of disease-relevant cellular responses to endogenous and exogenous stress. As part of the European Research Institute for Integrated Cellular Pathology (ERI-ICP), the purpose of this peer-reviewed journal is to act as a connecting hub for high-impact and quality research in all areas from basic research to therapy development and evaluation.

Cell Stress’ regular issues are released every second Monday of the month; however, accepted papers may be found as advance publication articles prior to the release of the issue they have been assigned to. Cell Stress runs as an open access online journal, thus allowing unrestricted and free access to all published articles. Please, take a look at Cell Stress’ high class Editorial Board, including five Nobel Laureates and more than 30 members of different National Academies of Science. To learn more about the journal, we invite you to view our inaugural editorial and roam through our website.

Cell Stress offers readers and experts all over the world a common, peer-reviewed stage to develop and transfer technical and experimental knowledge, to understand cellular and organismal stress and, ultimately, to combat disease.

We are looking forward to your high quality submissions!